Weekly Door County Ski Trail Report as of Thursday, Mar 4

We have a wintery mix of precipitation right now but with lower temperatures expected this weekend.  Those seeking a last ski of the season can still find a place to ski in Door County but you may want to use older equipment that can take a bit of abuse.    We have enjoyed twelve weeks of skiing so far this winter – not bad!

Trail groomers report the following conditions:

Crossroads at Big Creek Conditions: Fair. Trails groomed last Monday but not enough to set a track. Snow cover good over 90% of trails for skate skiing. A few open grass areas.

Newport State Park Conditions: Poor conditions. Hard pack and tracks still exists but icy and lots of bare spots and debris.

Peninsula State Park Conditions: Poor. No new snow, trails not groomed. Bare spots and icing all over the trail system. There may be some crust skiing on the golf course, but that’s about it… Perhaps spring is upon us? The trails are not officially closed to skiing, so please do not hike on them. Other non-ski trails are available for hiking.

Potawatomi State Park Conditions: Fair to Poor. Trail varies from 30% poor snow coverage to 70%. Fair to good for skating. The striding track is gone in many places. Use rock skis at this time. The 3” of new snow predicted should improve things considerably. Norway road is groomed nicely.

Snowkraft Nordic Conditions: Fair to Poor. Trails were very good earlier this week but have been deteriorating in the warm temperatures. Woods and small portion of orchard are open. The end of a great ski season looks near.

Whitefish Dunes State Park Conditions: Poor. Would recommend skiing only early in the morning while the temperatures are low and then only with old skis that you don’t care about. Lots of bare places and debris. If you walk the trails, please walk to the side and not on the tracks.

Weekly Cross Country Ski Report brought to you by Door County Silent Sports Alliance.

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